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Various information in Indonesia and overseas regarding
Durian Agri-business available on the internet.

We hope that our success in durian business may become
an encouragement for readers of web-site Durian Juntak
to involve in Durian Agri-business that have bright future,
and provide excellent earnings capacity.

Durian Business in Indonesia

Year 2001  Agribusiness coverage
April 23, 2001 coverage of durian market
May 28, 2002 Atmosphere of durian business
June 2, 2002 Effect of weakening US$
Monthong prices in Hero, young-and-unripe quality

International Durian Business

Varieties of Durian in International markets
Production and Marketing Situations
Usage, cakes, gourmets, pictures, information
Durian stories of an individual
Durian Thailand's IPM info
Fruit Marketing Agri-business in Thailand
World Market for Durian Business


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