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Small Durian Harvest
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Small Durian Harvest

Season for Small-Scale Durian Harvest

Small-Scale Durian fruit Harvest occurs in:
     July, 2xxx  s/d  August, 2xxx

We follow the harvest period in Indonesia,
in general.  Especially harvest-period in
Java Island.  During this Small-Scale Durian
Fruit harvest, limited quantities of fruits will
be available to fulfill general public demands.
Please place your order(s) well ahead of time
into our waiting list, so that you may get
higher-priorities to obtain fruits from us.

For more complete information, please contact:

Juntak Indonesia Corporation
Jln Tebet Timur Dalam Raya 119 Tebet, Jakarta-Selatan 12820
Tel: 8312-416
FAX: 8370-0042
Internet: durian@juntak.com



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