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Durian Monthong
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VCD Juntak

Main Product Offered:

  • Durian Monthong
  • Trees and fruits are 100%-genuine Monthong.
  • Fruits/plants are 100% locally-produced in Indonesia.

Advantages of buying from Durian Juntak:

  • Obtain fruits from a professional durian farmer.
  • All fruits are guaranteed 100% tree-ripen
  • 100% fresh, because distance of our plantation
     from Jakarta is only 2 hours (distance 70 Km).
  • Availability 100%-guaranteed for pre-ordered purchase.
  • Easy access via various telecommunication mediums.
    We are open 7-days per week and easily accessible via
    telephone, fax, email, mail letter, or online chat.
  • Durian quality guaranteed to be the best, tastiest, and
    satisfying from all the durian fruits which you have ate.
  • Large of small quantities of purchase for individual
    consumption are allowed.  We guarantee that you will
    receive your pre-order needs, when you include your
    name into our waiting list.
  • Purchases made thru waiting-list will be served on
    a first-come first serve basis.
  • "WE DO NOT SERVICE" fruit vendors, resellers,
    or supermarkets for the time being.  This guarantees
    that every retail, and individual buyer would get their
    order, and intended share.

Selling Price

  • Price will follow on-going selling market-price.  Please
    contact via telephone, or send a fax to receive constantly
    updated, and current selling market-price.
  • Our price will always be slightly higher than current
    selling market-price for Thailand Durian Imports.
  • Durian that is/are rotten, unripe, infested, diseased, or
    does not taste good can be exchanged or get
    full 100% money-refund.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Sufficient quantity of fruits (normal harvest period):
    December, 2xxx  s/d  May, 2xxx
  • Minimum quantity availability (outside harvest period):
    June, 2xxx s/d November, 2xxx

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Key Benefits

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Description SKU # Price
option 1 sku-1 100
option 2 sku-2 200
option 3 sku-3 300

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