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July 4th, 2004 Charleston, dan VMI

Durian Juntak berjalan-jalan ke Charleston, SC
dan VMI (Sekolah Militer pertama di USA).

Legenda nama-nama:
    Patrick Simanjuntak, BSEE, MBA
    Fuh-Liang Wen, PhD
    Sung Nae Cho, PhD

July 4th, 2004  Kemerdekaan USA -- VMI:
  a.  VMI Score Board and Goal Post
  b.  Dr. Cho on the field
  c.  VMI alumni memorial field
  d.  Juntak near Score Board
  e.  George Washington Statue
  f.   Juntak w/ Cho with Balloons in Background
  g.  Dr. Cho Smiling with Balloons
  h.  Juntak with Hot Air Balloons
  i.   Hot Air Balloons before Flying
  j.   Balloon flying on top of head
  k.  Two balloons aloft in air
  l.   Two balloons flying afar
  m. Dr. Cho with Little Sleazy Kids
  n.  Juntak with Homeless Man
  o.  Juntak stole Pastor's Chair in Church
  p.  HUGE  music organ machine in church
  q.  Balloon heating up
  r.   Little bastards in background
  s.  I'm on fire -- flying balloons at night

Charleston, SC (Juntak & Friends) ~ April, 2004:
  a.  Sleeping, and Looking Sexy
  b.  Pose with Nesrin Halil, MBA
  c.  Bored and used as stool by Nesrin
  d.  Group Photo with Nesrin Halil & Qin Zhang
  e.  US Navy Battleship in background
  f.   Pose near Charleston Aquarium
  g.  Pose near Water Fountain
  h.  Looking Sexy near the Beach

VMI (Virginia Military Institute) ~ June, 2004:
  a.  Dr. Cho waking-up in morning being lazy
  b.  Dr. Cho on drugs and alcohol
  c.  Juntak Standing up near Natural Bridge
  d.  Juntak and Dr. Wen near Natural Bridge
  e.  Juntak & Dr. Wen Second Attempt Picture
  f.   Dr. Wen raising-up hand in Natural Bridge
  g.  Juntak with Waterfall in background
  h.  Dr. Cho ready to teach in University.
  i.   VMI admissions office.
  j.   VMI barracks hall
  k.  Entrance to VMI
  l.   Front of VMI dormitory
  m. Castle of VMI in background
  n.  Statue and Cannons
  o.  Thinking and Pondering
  p.  Flag of USA flying half-mast (Prez Reagan dead)

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