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Welcome to Mixed-Style Martial Arts of ODU!

To better understand of how the club is run:
          How the Informal Club is Run

          Jeet Kune Do Instructional Articles/Videos
          Traditional EXAM VIDEOS (June 17, 2006) 

Old Dominion University (ODU) Seishin-do Karate (Traditional)
MMA/JKD (NON-traditional):

Training:  Wednesday  @ x PM ~ x PM
Sparring:  Saturday @  x PM ~ x PM
Location:  ODU Gym 47th St.

We are in search of location to
practice/train at ODU-campus.
IF you have info, and can reserve
room, please help us get the place.

TAB Church, Norfolk, VA:
Karate-do:  6:30PM ~ 8PM, Monday
Iai-do :  6:30PM ~ 8PM, Tuesday
Goshin Budo: 6:30PM ~ 8PM, Thursday

Portsmouth, VA:
Karate & Jiu-jitsu:
  Tuesday & Thursday: 6:30PM ~ 8PM
  Saturday :  10:30AM ~ 12PM
Cost:  US$ 0.00 (FREE) / no-contract Cost: US$ 1 /session/no-contract
Contact Info: 
  Patrick Juntak (3rd Generation JKD)
  Email Address:  juntak5@yahoo.com
  Chat via Instant Messaging:
     ICQ = 151094569
     Yahoo! YM = juntak5
     AOL IM =   juntak5
     MSN = juntak5@hotmail.com
     Google Talk = juntak@gmail.com
     Skype =  juntak5
Contact Info:
Norfolk, VA:  (757) 440-8224
Portsmouth, VA: (757) 485-4420

Seishin-Do Instructors:
   Mike Lewis, 7th DAN
   Mark Abraham, 5th DAN

Mixed-Style Martial Arts (aka Jeet Kune Do) is NON-traditional,
and multi-cultural where we mix various styles of martial-arts.
More HANDS-ON sparring, contact-fighting, and physical conditioning.
LESS emphasis on Katas, Customs, Forms, Rules, or Rituals.
The club run at ODU is  VERY INFORMAL, and VERY LOOSE.

Advancement in belts/ranks, and black-belt certifications are possible
thru Seishin-Do Karate Seishoku-Kai (Honbu Dojo -- Norfolk, VA).
Participation in the ODU club automatically gives you eligibility
for membership in Seishin-Do Karate for advancement in belts,
ranks, achieve black belt certifications, and enter tournaments.

Recommended Training/Sparring clothes to wear:
   Loose, comfortable, and regular clothes.
   Street clothes are fine.  Wear non-marking
   soles athletic shoes. American Wrestling shoes
   are recommended, if you can afford them.
   Optional -- karate uniforms/gis.

Required Protective Gear (only for sparring sessions):
    16-Oz Boxing Gloves

Recommended-or-Optional Protective Gears
(only for sparring sessions):
    Mouth-guard (Recommended)
    Head protective-gear (Recommended)
    Feet Coverings (optional)
    Crotch/Penis cup protector (optional)
    Body protective-gear (optional ~ not vital)

I train both at ODU location, and Norfolk, VA and
Portsmouth, VA Seishin-do Karate locations.
Where I pick-up the traditional aspects from
Norfolk, VA and Portsmouth, VA Dojos.
I consider myself as a non-traditionalist.

If you have extensive training in a particular
martial-arts style, and have desire to contribute
your knowledge and teach your style to enrich club,
we would love to hear from you.

Mixed-Style Martial Arts is an amalgamation of various
arts  (We don't stress on a particular form, use everything):
     Kicking ~ long distance (ex:  Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do)
     Punching ~ short distance (ex:  Karate, Kungfu)
     Throws ~ redirecting energy (ex: Judo, Aikido)
     Agility ~ speed (ex:  Capoera, Wing Chun, Boxing)
     Grappling (ex:  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, American Wrestling).
     Knife/Stick/Sword Weapons (ex:  Kali/Escrima, Ninjutsu)
     And various other styles mashed together.

Other than practice-and-sparring, we strongly recommend
reading books, lively discussions, watch various instructional
videos, and attend seminars.  To those who have higher-levels
of fitness, we won't stop you from participating in various
competitions.  We absorb knowledge from all styles:
Keep whatever that works, and discard that we never need.
What works for me, may NOT work for you.  Vice versa.

The club is a loose, free, and easy-going like-minded individuals.
We are Idealists, and learn martial arts strictly due to our
love and passion towards it. We study from each other, for free.
Most of us are Martial Artists who are trying to find an outlet
to continue practice (away from our home dojos), maintain
fitness, find sparring partners, create friendship, and have fun.
BUT we have no desire to pay US$600/semester for
classes offered at ODU, nor US$150/month fees in local
commercial dojos around Norfolk area.

Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner Levels are welcome.
It does NOT matter what your levels are, because
different people absorb knowledge at different pace.
A person with 5 years of martial arts training does
NOT guarantee he/she has better grasp of knowledge
in  "Art of Fighting"  compared to a person who have
only had  6 months of formal martial arts training.

MMA Tournament -- Cheasapeake, VA (click here)

Announcements (Feb 1, 2006)

KUNG-FU pictures of Chinese New Years (click here)

Recap from Practice Wed, Jan 11, 2006 -- click here

Minutes from Meeting #1 (Dec 4, 2005) -- click here

Any comment, ideas, support, recommendations,
would be happily received.  Please help out. 

Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Capoera, Muay Thai Boxing, Boxing,
Ninjutsu, Kali, Kungfu, Isshin Ryu, Aikido, Wrestling, Silat, etc.

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