Patrick Simanjuntak
1055 West 48th St #11
Norfolk, VA   23508
Phone:  757-515-6977

Position(s) of Interest: 
     *  Corporate Finance
     *  International Finance

Strayer UniversityHampton University
April, 2007 ~ Present

Undergraduate Level:
     Strayer University -- Spring, 2007 Quarter:
    MKT100 -- Principles of Marketing I (SU)
            MKT100 SOP -- Student Opinion Poll

     Hampton University -- Summer, 2007 Session II:
     ECO201 -- Principles of Economics:  Macroeconomics (HU)
            ECO201 SOP -- Student Opinion Poll
     ECO202 -- Principles of Economics:  Microeconomics (HU)

     Hampton University -- Fall, 2007 Semester:
     FIN304 -- Business Finance (HU)
            FIN304 SOP -- Student Opinion Poll
     FIN310 -- Managerial Finance II:  Intermediate (HU)
            FIN310 SOP -- Student Opinion Poll

     Strayer University -- Fall, 2007 Quarter:
     BUS107 -- Fundamentals of E-Business (SU)
            BUS107 SOP -- Student Opinion Poll
     ITB400 -- International Banking and Finance (SU)

     Hampton University -- Spring, 2008 Semester:
     FIN304 -- Business Finance (HU)
     FIN309 -- Managerial Finance I:  Intermediate (HU)
     FIN420 -- Commercial Bank Management (HU)

     Strayer University -- Spring, 2008 Quarter:
     MKT100 -- Principles of Marketing (SU)
     MKT200 -- International Marketing (SU)
     Strayer University -- Summer, 2008 Quarter:
     BUS250 -- International Business Environment (SU)
     FIN100 -- Introduction to Finance (SU)

     Hampton University -- Summer II, 2008 Session:
     FIN304 -- Business Finance (HU)
     ECO201 -- Intro to Economics - MacroEconomics (HU)
     Hampton University -- Fall, 2008 Semester:
     FIN304 -- Business Finance (HU)
     FIN310 -- Managerial Finance II:  Intermediate (HU)
     FIN335 -- Credit Analysis/Admin (HU)

Graduate Level (MBA classes):
    Strayer University -- Summer, 2007 Quarter:
     BUS533 -- Marketing Process (SU)
            BUS533 SOP -- Student Opinion Poll
     FIN534 -- Financial Management (SU)
            FIN534 SOP -- Student Opinion Poll

    Strayer University -- Fall, 2007 Quarter:
     BUS531 -- Research and Strategic Communication (SU)
            BUS531 SOP -- Student Opinion Poll

June, 2007 -- present, Hampton University:
Full-Time Professor/Instructor in Finance.
April, 2007 -- present, Strayer University:
Adjunct Professor/Instructor in various business-classes.
2001 present Webmaster, Durian Juntak (

     update/create websites, online advertisements, and maintain
     day-to-day operations. Covered 25-times in Mass-Medias.
2000 2002 Entrepreneur/Owner, Juntak Corporation:
     Buy/Sell computer parts online (revenue: US$400 000/year), PC
     repair/consulting/services, and TCP/IP Networking for office-use,
     and home-use. Bookkeeping (accounting, Finance, and Marketing
     activities) for records.
1998 2000 Car Dealer, Fort Totten Motor, Washington, DC:
     Wholesale/Retail Purchase/Sell cars, inspection/quality-check
     to cars, Customer Service. Maintain online presence on Internet.
1995 1998 Freelance, Self-employed:
     On-site PC Repair to home-users.

PhD/MA, in-progress Old Dominion University (ODU)
     Major: Dual-Status. MA in Economics. PhD Finance
     (in-progress. Coursework-portions are done).
     Classes Taken: Econometrics I/II/III; PhD Seminars in
     International Finance, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Analysis,
     Investments; Micro/Macroeconomics, etc.
MBA, 2004 -- Radford University (RU)
     Major: Master of Business Administration in Finance
BS, 2002 -- Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
     State University (Virginia Tech)

     Major: Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering in Communications.
     Minor: Mathematics

     Native, and near-native Level: English, Indonesian/Malaysian
     (Malay Language), Batak
     Beginner ~ Medium Level: Japanese, Chinese, French, and Spanish

     2006 present Vice Pres, ODU ISCF (International Student
          Christian Fellowship) Norfolk, VA
     2005 present Class Leader (assistant instructor), Karate
          For Christ ( ) Norfolk, VA.
     2005 2006 President (Volunteer Instructor), Mixed Martial
          Arts of ODU Norfolk, VA
     2003 2005 Member, Radford University Karate Club Radford, VA.
     1996 2002 Various student clubs/organizations at
          Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA.

     Martial Arts -- 10 years of experience: Karate, Tae Kwon Do,
          Iai-Do, Aikido, and Jeet Kune Do.
     Biking, Hiking, Hunting, and Fishing Leisure, and exercise