Justifications for the insane 8AM ~ 10AM practice time



Why come up with insane 8AM?

Some justifications of why we chose
Monday-and-Wednesday at 8AM ~ 10AM.

You have better suggestions?
Then please email onto us your suggestions.

Here are limitations (so you know
why we came up with 8AM ~ 10AM to
accommodate MOST people):
  * Times must AVOID as posted on
    web-site of Hamada's classes.
  * Graduate Students take night
    classes (5PM ~ 10PM).   
  * New rule for ODU Gym Spring, 2006:
     After 10PM, they will implement
     stricter rules.  Kick people out.
     That's why we quickly changed the
     original intention of 10PM.
  * Most people working part-time
    in Retail locations close at 9PM.
    But they usually work starting
    after 12-noon or so.
  * Most Academic classes are during
    day-time, until evening for
    undergraduate students.
    (conflicts exist 11AM ~ 6PM).
  * Things start to pick-up steam at
    ODU HPE Gym around 11AM or so.   
  * ODU HPE Gym opens door at 7AM.
  * There is ALMOST NOTHING going-on
    at ODU HPE Gym between window
    time-period:  7AM ~ 11AM.

So the goal is:
  How to accommodate MOST people.
  but NOT try to accommodate everyone.
 (It is IMPOSSIBLE to serve everyone,
  since we have limited resources/options).

Using those restrictions listed above,
please provide onto me suggestions
on better Days, and Times.

Another option I was thinking would be
another section at different posted time
of 8AM ~ 10AM.
  Example:  have something on 2PM ~ 5PM. 
BUT I won't be able to attend that section.
SOMEONE must be dedicated, willing to fully
staff, and organize that time-section.

We are also awaiting response from
MMA of NSU to provide onto us their
schedule, so the two schools can stagger
the days of Training/Conditioning on
weekdays.  So members from MMA of ODU
and MMA of NSU  can inter-change amongst
each other, when time conflicts arises.

As for Sparring session, common time is
on Saturday (alternate locations between
ODU, and NSU on a weekly basis).
Since ODU HPE Gym only opens from
12PM ~ 5PM during Saturday/Sunday.
So choosing time-period of 1PM ~ 3PM
seems to be the most logical.

We strongly discourage practice on
Sunday, because many people will spend
time with their families, and period
for going to church, and such.

I strongly suggest Friday to be OFF,
because ODU GYM closes very early,
and lots of people leave town starting
on Thursday evening.

So we are only left with (as suggestions):
  a) Monday ~ Thursday for
     Training/Conditioning Sessions.
  b) Saturday for
     Joint Kumite/Sparring Session.

This short justification/argument was
compiled from the several emails which
I have received from various people.
So far, I have received inquiries and
had correspondences with 32 people
(as of Sunday, January 8, 2006).

IF we can get at least 5 dedicated
people to start training, and develop
the formulation/incorporation of MMA
of ODU, that will be good-enough for now.
We can just start small, then grow from there.
Because we need to have the foundations
laid-out first; rather than worry
about details, nor the politics.

-- Juntak


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