Minutes for December 4, 2004 Meeting



Short Minutes for December 4, 2005

  • Introduction of Potential Members
    • 4 people physically showed-up.
    • Several interested members had time conflicts.
    • Diverse backgrounds:  Karate, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun.
  • Explanation of Club Mission, Vision, and Operations
    • Discussion among members
    • inputs, and feedbacks,
    • agreed to conduct follow-up inquiries, and need for more info
      on incorporation of club here at ODU.
  • Collection and Exchange of member contact information
    • Need for establishment of email list-serve (mass mailing
      emails for internal group members)
  • Closure of meeting
    • Meeting adjourned.

    Regarding establishment of club:
      * need to check OSAL at webb center for requirements
      * need 20 signatures
    -->  Chris Freeman will seek info about papers

    Regarding Time and Scheduling:
      *  Further discussions will be conducted to schedule two
          catagories of training:
         a)  Formal meeting days and times
              * This shall be regularly schedule time for class
              * who can teach, scheduling, and minimization
                 of conflicts on schedules
              * Most likely be held on-campus
         b)  Non-Official Club Practice
              * Different members may volunteer and offer their
                 house to practice in their garage, backyard, or park
              * Free, open, social-setting, and fun time.
              * Volunteers and time/day of availability shall depend
                 on how the individual can accomodate.
    -->  Members may hold informal meetings over Winter Break.

    Regarding MMA Equipment:
      *  Some members already have equipment (head gears,
          gloves, punching bags, etc) that can be shared.
      *  Need to get list of inventory of what is/are available.
      *  Need to standardize list of equipments.
    --> Money from OSAL may be received, if we can incorporate.

    Regarding time of club incorporation:
      *  Target-date:  Early Spring, 2006
      *  Ideas of recruitment/enlargement of members
    -->  Start Small, then grow from there (recruitment via word-of-mouth)

    Regarding activities during Winter Break:
      *  Practice may be done at individual house hosted by volunteers.
      *  Informal meetings, chilling, and cross-pollination of ideas
          on how to run the club.
    -->  Will meet some times over Break, if possible. 





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