ODU  Tutor's Location

ODU Webb Center web-site (click here)

Inside the ODU Webb Center:
   Find the Webb 24 -- North Mall
   (this part of the building is open 24 hours / 7days)
   Floor-Plan of ODU Webb Center (PDF file-format)

How do I know which location is the North Mall?
This is the wing that has Starbucks Coffee, and
Monarch/Techstore in it.
Plenty of Tables and Chairs are available at this location.
Just find an empty table/chair, where you can sit comfortably.

Wireless Internet is available in this location.
And plenty of electric-power outlets are available, too.
During tutoring sessions, feel free to bring your laptops.

How about parking at Old Dominion University?
Monday ~ Friday
   8am ~ 4pm   Park only in metered-parking spaces.
   4pm ~ 8am   FREE  parking on-campus.
                       (just don't park near fire hydrants, nor handicap)

Saturday ~ Sunday
   ALL 48 hours -- FREE parking on-campus
                       (just don't park near fire hydrants, nor handicap)

How would you recognize my face?
   Click on this URL link, and see my picture: